Can you change your Tumblr title?

Can you change your Tumblr title?

Click on the Account Settings gear icon on the top bar. Look to the left of the screen and you can see Title, it is from here you finally can Change the Title of your Tumblr site.

What happens if you change your Tumblr name?

Changing your username does come with consequences. When you change your username, your blog URLs will change, too, so any links you have on the web will be broken. Your Tumblr followers will still be able to see your stuff, but your links in posts and on other sites just won’t work.

How many times can you change your Tumblr name?

Changing the name of your blog doesn’t affect your Tumblr URL and you can change the name as many times as you want. Step 1: Login to your Tumblr account dashboard and click on the Account icon and then select Edit Appearance.

How do I change my title bar on Tumblr?

Log in to your Tumblr account and click the gear icon to bring up the “Settings” page. Click the name of the blog that contains the sidebar you want to modify, then click the “Customize” button next to the Theme title to access the “Customize” page.

What are good names for Tumblr?

List of 100 Good Tumblr Usernames

  • whereismyhairdyer.
  • rolls.and.rolex.
  • chicken.little.
  • Hitchhiking.serialkiller.
  • carnivores.pikachu.
  • spinning.bayblade.
  • Forceful.cupid.

How do I choose a Tumblr blog name?

If you’re not setting up a custom domain name for Tumblr, consider these tips when selecting a username that will become your blog’s URL.

  1. Think keywords.
  2. Use your identity.
  3. Avoid hyphens.
  4. Skip trademarks, unless you own them.
  5. Say it out loud.
  6. Try to keep it short.
  7. Or go long with a phrase.
  8. Expect several tries.

How do you make a cool Tumblr username?

Tips for Coming up With Awesome Tumblr URL Ideas

  1. Use
  2. Use a Random Word Generator.
  3. Incorporate Multiple Words Into Your URL.
  4. Use Slang, Acronyms, Numbers, or Even Misspelled Words.
  5. Check out These Tumblr Tags.
  6. Don’t Be a Tumblr URL Hoarder.