Can we do differentiation in calculator?

Can we do differentiation in calculator?

Unfortunately can’t. These calculators are make differentiation numerically only. If you try it, you will get an error – the calculator checks your input and nesting d/dx( is improper operation.

Why differentiation of Sinx is COSX?

So the derivative can be viewed as the slope of the tangent line. So for example at this point right over here, it looks like the slope of our tangent line should be zero. So our derivative function should be zero at that x value. And it is indeed the case that the derivative of sine of x is equal to cosine of x.

What is the derivative of Sinx 2x?

2 cos 2x
The derivative of sin 2x is 2 cos 2x. We write this mathematically as d/dx (sin 2x) = 2 cos 2x (or) (sin 2x)’ = 2 cos 2x. Here, f(x) = sin 2x is the sine function with double angle.

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