Can Piccolo beat imperfect cell?

Can Piccolo beat imperfect cell?

Well at first piccolo doesn’t have a chance against imperfect cell because he is just as strong as No. 17 in dbz if no.

Who beats imperfect cell?

Android 16 then interrupts Imperfect Cell as he attempts to absorb Android 17 by punching him hard in the face and knocking him to the ground. Android 17 questions how Android 16 was able to do this, and 16 tells him that according to his calculations, his own power and strength is equal to that of Imperfect Cell.

Can Piccolo beat cells?

Yes. Piccolo from Buu Saga could defeat Cell. He’s had 5 years to train, he can handle Cell just fine.

Is Piccolo stronger than Cell in super?

However, the fact that he can even go Super Saiyan 2 suggests that at this point, he’s still as strong – if not stronger – than he was when he defeated Cell at full power, which would imply that Piccolo may be able to beat Cell, one of Dragon Ball Z’s most powerful villains.

How did Cell get Frieza’s DNA?

Cell gained Frieza’s and King Cold’s DNA due to Goku’s fight with Frieza on Earth. With or without the timeline being distorted by Trunks’ and Cell’s travels, Frieza still survives the explosion of Namek and comes to Earth to kill Goku. In the unaltered timeline, Goku kills Frieza and King Cold on Earth.

Is Piccolo stronger than cell now?

Originally Answered: What is stronger, cell or the current piccolo? Cell, just for the reason that he is made out of multiple characters. Perfect Cell was stronger than all of the Z fighters except for ssj2 gohan. Piccolo is the 3rd/4th strongest Z fighter next to Gohan, Goku and Vegeta (I’m excluding Future Trunks).

Is Piccolo the strongest Namekian?

Piccolo – Technically a member of the Dragon Clan, his fusion with Nail officially made him the strongest Warrior-type Namekian and the strongest Namekian. He then fused with (his “counterpart”) to become a Super Namek.

Why is Piccolo weak?

Piccolo is weak because he part of a weaker race, Namekians. The race doesn’t have any transformations, unlike Saiyans. Piccolo also gave up trying to be the strongest and now mentors other fighters.