Can I ignore AFNI?

Can I ignore AFNI?

Know Your Rights Under the FDCPA Unfortunately, collection agencies such as AFNI Collections often ignore the statutes outlined in the FDCPA. The statute of limitations varies by state, but it is typically between three and seven years.

How do I deal with AFNI collections?

You can send us a letter, call us, or submit your dispute via the “contact us” menu above. Letters regarding dispute information on your credit report should be sent to Afni, Inc at PO Box 3517, Bloomington, IL 61702-3427. You can also send us your dispute by signing into your account using our secure website.

How do I contact AFNI collections?

AFNI Collections Contact Information

  1. Headquarters Address: 1310 Martin Luther King Dr, Bloomington, IL 61701-1465.
  2. Mailing Address: PO Box 3097, Bloomington, IL 61702.
  3. Phone Number: (800) 767-2364.
  4. Website:

What companies use AFNI collections?

Afni, Inc. aka Anderson Financial Network, Inc. is a collection agency located in Bloomington, Illinois. The company has been in business since 1938 and handles collections for large companies like Verizon Wireless, Sprint, Comcast, T-Mobile, and others.

Is Afni collections legitimate?

Afni Collections is a legitimate, long-standing company that helps large clients collect outstanding debt. If you think that the collection inquiry on your account is a mistake, you can contact Afni directly to file your complaints.

What does Afni collections stand for?

Anderson Financial Network Inc
The agency used to be known as H.A. Slaven’s Collection Bureau. In 1976, the agency was purchased by Earl Anderson and the name was changed to Anderson Financial Network Inc (AFNI). Nowadays, AFNI is a third-party debt collection agency which is still based in Bloomington, Illinois.

Why is Afni on my credit report?

Afni Collections is a debt collection on your credit report. They purchased your debt from a creditor (i.e. a credit card or loan company). They may attempt to communicate with you via mail or phone calls (demanding payment). Even worse, a collections account now appears on your credit report.

What collection is Afni?

Afni Collections is a debt collection agency. They’re probably on your credit report as a ‘collections’ account. This usually happens when you forget to pay a bill. If a collection is on your credit report, it’s damaging your credit score (unless removed).

What does afni collections stand for?

Will AT send you to collections?

AT will move your bill to their collections team if you fail to make payments on your balance for an extended period of time. This means that they will begin relentlessly calling you, sending you letters, and even threatening lawsuits or wage garnishment.