Can I get Primolut N over the counter?

Can I get Primolut N over the counter?

You will need to get a prescription from your doctor. You can ask for Primolut N tablets if you are not on any contraceptives at the moment – these you can take daily to keep menstruation away until you are back in civilization.

Is Primolut N harmful?

Do not take Primolut N if you are concerned about an increased risk of blood clots. Blood clots are rare. Very occasionally blood clots may cause serious permanent disabilities, or may even be fatal. You are at an increased risk of having a blood clot when you take hormonal medicines such as Primolut N.

Is Primolut N available in India?

Product Specification

Product Type Finished Product
Strength 5mg
Country of Origin Made in India
Minimum Order Quantity 50 Pack

What is Primolut N drug used for?

Primolut-N Tablet is used to treat various menstrual problems including painful, heavy, or irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and a condition called endometriosis. It is a man-made version of the natural female sex hormone progesterone.

Do I need a script for Primolut?

You can order Primolut N 5mg tablets online without a prescription.

Is Primolut N available in UAE?

Primolut N Tab 5mg 30 tablets- Buy Online in United Arab Emirates at Desertcart – 11639999.

Can Primolut cause miscarriage?

Does Primolut-N Tablet cause miscarriage? No, Primolut-N Tablet has not been reported to cause miscarriage. However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using any medicine during pregnancy.

What happens if I forget to take Primolut?

If you forget to take it The efficacy of Primolut N could be reduced if you forget to take a tablet as directed. You should only take the last missed tablet, as soon as you remember, and then continue taking your tablet at your usual time on the next day.

Is Primolut a contraceptive pill?

It is not a birth control pill. Therefore, you should use contraceptives or other birth control methods while you are on Primolut-N Tablet. Consult the doctor if you have any other related concerns.

What is Primolut N?

Primolut N is a hormonal treatment for menstrual conditions, and is made by Bayer. It is a tablet treatment containing a synthetic hormone called norethisterone, which provides relief from period pain and heavy periods by mimicking the action of progesterone in the body. As well as easing discomfort related to menstrual bleeding,…

Is Primolut-N prescription free?

Primolut-n is not prescription free and therefore you must always have a prescription from your doctor to start the treatment. Never start such treatment without talking to a doctor, and do not buy this medicine online from pages that do not require a doctor’s consultation.

Can I get Primolut N for period pain?

If you’ve used Primolut N before, buying your regular treatment for period pain or heavy periods doesn’t have to be difficult. Our accessible online consultation service enables you to get the prescription medication you’re looking for, safely and quickly.

What is Primolut-N 2021?

2021. Primolut-n is a treatment used a lot dealing with heavy menstrual bleeding, Primolut-n contains norethisterone, which is a synthetic version of the naturally-occurring female sex hormone, progesterone. In women, progesterone is responsible for the development of a healthy womb lining (endometrium) that is necessary for pregnancy.