Can I get discount on Jo Malone?

Can I get discount on Jo Malone?

Head to, place your order from home and save with free standard delivery on your purchase worth £100….Save with free Jo Malone delivery on orders over £100.

Discount value free standard delivery
Minimum order over £100
Terms and conditions More information is available on the website.

What is the most popular Jo Malone perfume?

Taking the crown for the most popular Jo Malone fragrance is English Pear & Freesia—a light and fresh scent that combines the two aforementioned notes on a base of patchouli. At the risk of stating the obvious, it really does smell how a freshly cut pear should—crisp, fresh, and uplifting.

What is the Jo Malone Black Friday gift?

Receive a complimentary 30ml bottle of cologne when shopping on the Jo Malone website in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Week. The brand’s 30ml colognes are perfect for traveling or for keeping in your handbag to top up throughout the day.

Does Jo Malone expire?

Does perfume expire and how long can I keep perfume? Here’s the bad news: yes, your perfumes (and colognes!) do expire, and this applies to all fragrances across all brands, regardless of whether it’s a Jo Malone London perfume or a no-name brand you bought cheaply off the Internet.

Does Jo Malone own Jo Malone?

Jo Malone London is a British perfume and scented candle brand, founded by Jo Malone in 1990. It has been owned since 1999 by Estée Lauder….Jo Malone London.

Type Subsidiary
Products Fragrance, Bath & Body
Parent Estée Lauder Companies (1999–present)
Website Jo Malone London

Do Jo Malone take part in Black Friday?

Jo Malone typically offers some great discounted sales around Black Friday. You can score brilliant sales from candles, gift sets and their beautiful smelling colognes and perfumes. Gift sets from Jo Malone make a perfect present just in time for Christmas.