Can I buy a hedgehog UK?

Can I buy a hedgehog UK?

Are African pygmy hedgehogs currently legal to own in the UK? Unfortunately, It’s currently legal to own an African pygmy hedgehog as a pet, however under the Animal Welfare Act, owners must be able to meet the animal’s full welfare needs, which includes allowing the animal full opportunity to display normal behaviour.

How do I get a hedgehog?

Where Can I Get A Hedgehog?

  1. Local Pet Stores.
  2. Local Breeders.
  3. Surrenders or Adoption.
  4. Local Veterinarian.
  5. Direct Shipping.
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  7. Please Note: Exotic Nutrition is not in a position to provide specific health and care guidelines on an individual basis.

How much are African pygmy hedgehogs?

Purchasing or Adopting Your African Pygmy Hedgehog The average price ranges from $100 to $300, though this can vary widely. Young, hand-tamed hedgehogs often go for higher prices, as do hedgehogs with desirable coloring.

Do hedgehogs hurt their owners?

Even in this state, you can touch a hedgehog without too much damage (few hedgehog owners are ever poked hard enough to break their skin). However, try to avoid getting your fingers trapped by a hedgehog rolling into a ball as they are strong and being squeezed and poked at the same time is sure to be painful for you!

Are hedgehogs good pets for 14 year olds?

Hedgehogs. These spiny mammals may not make cuddly pets, but they’re cute, friendly, and relatively long-lived, with a lifespan of five to seven years. And if hedgehogs are handled while still young, they will grow to be social with your child.

Are there 2 African pygmy hedgehogs ready to sell?

2 African pygmy hedgehogs, will be looking for new homes when they’re fully weaned from mum (born 17/12/21). Proof of full set up will be needed before selling and you’ll need to do research on care…. Baby Pygmy Hedgehogs Ready Now Boys and girls available. A mixture of colours.

What to do if you find a sick Hedgehog in Wales?

If you live in the South East Wales area call 07557646773 between the hours of 10am – 12pm and 3pm and 7pm and follow these instructions If you live outside of our areas, please contact BHPS for your nearest rescue or contact your nearest vet.

How long do hedgehogs live in captivity?

Hedgehogs in the wild only live 2-3 years, but often die due to predation or inadequate diet. In captivity the average African Pygmy Hedeghog can live up to five or six years old, but finding them older than that is quite rare, but some do live up to eight years.

What are the different types of hedgehogs?

Pied (Pinto) – Pied hedgehogs have some quills that are coloured and some that are white. This can vary greatly in percentage and location so it’s a very variable colour. Some can have pied face masks too! Albino – True albino hedgehogs have no colouration on them at all, not their nose, mask, ears or spine – it is all pink and white.