Can anyone use the Maughan Library?

Can anyone use the Maughan Library?

The Maughan Library will be open 24/7 in the second semester, details can be found on the library opening hours page. Important to know: You just need your King’s ID card to enter the libraries. Face covering are expected to be worn in the libraries, unless exempt you are exempt.

Where is book in Maughan Library?

To borrow use one of the Self-Service Kiosks. These can be found on the Ground Floor near the Meet & Greet Point, the first and second floor lift lobbies or in the Short Loan area (G. 49). You’ll need to scan the barcode on your King’s ID card on the Self-Service Kiosks to borrow a book.

Is King’s College library open to the public?

The King’s College London Libraries are not open to members of the public, except for the Maughan Library: Open House weekend. or to access the current exhibition.

Can you use another university’s library?

Full-time undergraduates can use the libraries of most participating universities for reference only. Academic staff, full- or part-time postgraduates, distance-learning, or placement students can usually borrow from other libraries as well.

How many books are in the Maughan Library?

Maughan Library

Branches 8
Items collected Books, journals, newspapers, magazines, sound and music recordings, maps, prints, drawings and manuscripts
Size 750k items (approx.)
Access and use

How many libraries does KCL?

Every month, we run Library Drop-Ins across our four larger libraries, The Maughan Library, Franklin-Wilkins Library, New Hunts House Library and the Weston Education Centre Library. If you know you need some in-depth support but you aren’t exactly sure what you are looking for these are a great place to start.

Is UCL better than KCL?

UCL is generally better than KCL for the following reasons: It is a bigger and better research university. It enrols slightly more talented applicants. It has a higher bar of getting in.

Is KCL good university?

King’s College London has ranked 18th in the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2022, improving 12 places, and jumped 19 places to 23 in The Guardian University Guide 2022. The Guardian ranks universities through eight different scores, which form a total out of 100 and King’s has scored 73.8.

Who can access KCL library?

King’s College London – Students and Staff King’s students are automatically registered with the library, your King’s ID card is your Library Card to give you access to all the King’s libraries. Members of King’s staff can join the library using self-service registration.

What is the Maughan Library in London?

The day I went, I had the room to myself for an hour or so! “The Maughan Library is the main research library of King’s College London, forming part of the Strand Campus.

How do I find the Chancery Lane Library and Maughan* Library?

Chancery Lane is a short walk from the Strand Campus. The Maughan* Library is on the right-hand side as you walk up Chancery Lane from Fleet Street. In order to gain access, you will need your King’s ID card. You will then find the Meet & Greet point straight ahead as you enter. Staff can be recognised by their purple lanyards.

What is the name of the library at the University of London?

Maughan Library. A 19th-century neo-Gothic building located on Chancery Lane in the City of London, it was formerly the home to the headquarters of the Public Record Office, known as the “strong-box of the Empire “, and was acquired by the university in 2001. Following a £35m renovation designed by Gaunt Francis Architects,…

What’s in the Maughan?

The Maughan holds more than 750,000 items including books, journals, CDs, records, DVDs, theses and exam papers. These items cover four of the College’s academic schools of study: Arts and Humanities, Law, Natural & Mathematical Sciences and Social Science & Public Policy.