Basic steps to write the title of your thesis

The first thing that a student, graduating from the University, have to face is the choice of topic (name) for the thesis. And the right choice of the theme generates a successful diplomat, defended “excellent”.

You can select a topic in one of the following ways: to choose a topic of interest; continue the theme of previous course projects; to determine the theme, based on plans for future professional activities; as students turn to special services that help in writing a thesis, one of these services, for example,; or ask for help from your teacher (in extreme cases).

What is a thesis?

Diploma project is a type of qualification work performed by students in the last year. Its main goal is to systematize and summarize the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the years of study at the Institute.

The diploma is executed in writing and is a very important part upon graduation. It is for her graduation Commission concludes how well were learned subjects taught by the student. In the process of preparation of the thesis, the student will go through several stages.

Planning stages of the study is not a rigid scheme, it largely depends on the independent choice of the author. However, in this area, there are certain rules. The first and most important stage of preparation of a thesis is the development and selection of topics.

The wording of the title of the thesis

The title of the topic should fully correspond to the plan of the thesis, its content, tasks. The thesis should be done on an actual topic.

The wording of the topic should reflect the subject of the study. The name indicates the scope of the economy or at the end of the name in parentheses indicates the specific company on the materials of which the thesis is performed.


The wording of the title of the thesis should be as brief as possible (but without abbreviations).

In the title of the thesis, it would be good if the student would reflect an active approach to the study, and the subject of the thesis will contain words such as “improvement”, “creation”, “implementation”,” development”, etc.

Information material

The thesis is based on the study of literary sources. Selection and study of literature for the thesis is one of the important stages of the student’s work.

The literature on the subject of the thesis can be selected by the student using the subject and alphabetical catalogues of libraries, computer search tools.

Requirements for information sources

Sources of information material for students are domestic and foreign financial and economic literature, periodicals, statistical reports and collections; materials of industrial and pre-diploma practice, the Internet.

“References” on the topic, as a section of the thesis, should be prepared both before the study and during its completion.

The list of references should contain information about the sources for the last 5 years. Old sources in the list of references are accepted only if the subject of the diploma is relevant, but other, more modern, sources on it.


So, the thesis is a very important stage in the life of every student who completes a higher education institution. This makes it clear to the Commission how well the student is proficient in certain subjects.

And in the end, I want to wish all the students: “no fluff, no feather!”.