Are the Chatham islands predator free?

Are the Chatham islands predator free?

Free of introduced predators and pests, Mangere and Rangatira island nature reserves in the Chatham Islands are refuges for rare and endemic species including the critically-endangered black robin.

Is Chatham islands part of NZ?

Chatham Islands / WharekauriChatham Island / Island group

Does anyone live on Chatham Island?

About 600 people live on the two largest islands, Chatham and Pitt and we have officially been part of New Zealand since 1842. The islands are volcanic in origin and have a rugged and windswept vista with delicate habitats that can be easily damaged by the elements and mankind.

Can you stay on the Chatham islands?

Accommodation and transport are limited on the islands and with most of the land privately owned, is it essential to book tours well in advance.

Who owns Pitt Island?

Pitt Island is approximately 16,000 acres with around 6,000 acres under the control of DOC with 3000 acres as bush and nature reserves. The remainder of the island is privately owned and farmed. The island’s seven farms run approximately 12,000 stock units.

What is the closest city to the Chatham Islands?

The Chatham Islands lie in the South Pacific Ocean, 862 kilometres east of Christchurch and 770 kilometres south-east of Napier.

How much does it cost to fly to the Chatham Islands?

Flying to Chatham Island

Cheapest flight found $552
Average flight time 1 hr 39 mins
Cheapest month to fly May
Most popular airline Air Chathams
Flights per week 7

Can you boat to Chatham islands?

Heritage Expeditions, a New Zealand travel company, operates small ship cruises to Chatham Islands on 50-passenger boat Spirit of Enderby / Professor Kromov; may be combined with visits to Subantarctic Islands.

What is the best time to visit the Chatham Islands?

Located in the Pacific Ocean, the Chatham Islands are exposed, yet still have a temperate climate. Rainfall is around 900mm a year and temperatures vary between 15 – 24 degrees Celsius in summer (December to February) and 6 – 10 degrees in winter. November through April is the best time to visit.

Does anyone live on Pitt Island?

There’s no electricity or cellphones on Pitt Island – and there’s only around 50 people who actually live there. It’s quite uninhabited and it’s the eastern-most point of New Zealand.

Is there cell phone coverage on Chatham islands?

There is no cellphone coverage on the Chatham Islands. Limited wi-fi is available from some accommodation providers and at the airport. All internet access is via a satellite connection so data limits apply.