Are TaylorMade Burner Plus irons any good?

Are TaylorMade Burner Plus irons any good?

Golf monthly has reviews of Taylormade Burner plus irons as well as many other golf club reviews. The large clubhead of the TaylorMade Burner Plus iron is designed to produce high-launching shots that fly long. The thick top edge, wide sole and substantial offset are all created with forgiveness in mind.

What year did Burner Plus irons come out?

The Burner Plus irons were released in 2008.

What are the TaylorMade Burner Plus irons?

The Burner Plus irons were TaylorMade’s most draw-biased iron at the time, promoting a right-to-left shot shape to help players who struggle with pushes and slices. The Burner Plus irons are available in 3- through 9-iron, and four different types of wedges. Shafts are available in both graphite and steel designs.

How forgiving are TaylorMade burners?

If you are in the market for game improvers then the TaylorMade Burner 2.0 irons are worth a try as they are easy to hit and very forgiving. I found them a bit clumsy to look at behind the ball with little finesse but they were very easy to hit and let you get away with a lot.

Are TaylorMade Burner irons forged?

Taylormade launched this iron late last year as an iron for the better player wanting forgiveness and something a little larger than a compact cavity as there is some offset and the top line is not thin by any means. The Burner Forged is soft and forgiving and simply looks great.

When did the TaylorMade Burner Superfast come out?

19 February 2010
TaylorMade Burner SuperFast Driver – Product Details

USA Launch 19 February 2010
Right Handed Lofts 9.5°, 10.5°, 13°
Material Steel
Shaft Types Graphite
Shaft Flex X Stiff, Stiff, Regular, Light

Are TaylorMade Burner Plus good Irons?

TaylorMade Burner Plus Irons Review Released in 2008, the TaylorMade Burner Plus irons are popular because of their large sweet spot, accuracy, high ball flight, length, forgiveness that permits decent distance even on mishits, and high-quality construction. They’re also an attractive set of irons.

Are burner plus Irons still worth buying?

For anyone on the market for a second-hand game improvement iron today, the Burner Plus irons could still be a great get. Released in 2008, the Burner Plus irons are known for their excellent forgiveness and maximum distance, helping golfers who don’t always connect with the center of the clubface get the most out of their irons.

How do you identify a burner plus iron?

The iconic Burner Plus irons are easily identified by the inverted cone in the iron that looks like a circular button on the back of the clubhead. The technology was put in place to assist with distance on off-center strikes.

How good is the Burner Plus for handicap?

I asked around and for my handicap the pro shop said try the Burner Plus. I used to be in 90-95 range, with the burners I am low 80’s. Great club for high handicappers to get lower scores. Did not use it.