Are Sea Hunter boats any good?

Are Sea Hunter boats any good?

The SeaHunter 37 ranks as one of them and can be highly customized to your liking and fishing style. With the new 37, SeaHunter has proved that the company is here to stay — it builds a good-running and nice-looking fish boat that also exhibits fine-quality craftsmanship.

Who makes the Sea Hunter?

Vigor Industrial
Sea Hunter

United States
Name Sea Hunter
Builder Vigor Industrial
Acquired April 2016

Where are Sea Hunter boats made?

Princeton, FL
Founded in 2002, SeaHunter Boats emerged from the dreams of its founders with several goals in mind. These goals are continually being met and exceeded as well as complimented with the addition of a company owned 38,000 sq. ft. custom built facility just around the corner from Black Point Marina in Princeton, FL.

How much does a 22 Sea Hunt boat weigh?

2,700 lbs
BX 22 BR Specs

Length 22’10”
Beam 8’5″
Approx. Dry Weight 2,700 lbs
Maximum HP 250
Fuel 53 Gallons

Who is the owner of SeaHunter boats?

Ralph Montalvo
We plan on growing both the monohull and catamaran lines by several models in a very short period of time,” says Ralph Montalvo, CEO and Owner of SeaHunter Boats.

Do Sea Hunt boats have wood?

No wood. The Sea Hunt boats are not constructed with wood. No wood is on the boat, even on the transom. Each boat is inspected by the owner of the company to ensure that it is to the standards of the company.

How many Seahunter boats are there for sale?

Boat Trader currently has 43 SeaHunter boats for sale, including 20 new vessels and 23 used boats listed by both individual owners and professional boat dealers mainly in United States. The oldest model listed is a contemporary boat built in 2006 and the newest model year was built in 2022. How much do SeaHunter boats cost?

How big is the Seahunter 45 tournament boat?

The SeaHunter 45 Tournament is a quad powered monster capable of 60mph plus speed and a wave smashing hull that can take you 600 miles in ANY conditions. With an overall length of 39 feet 3 inches and a beamy, 11’6” width, this fishing machine is at the top of its class for good reason.

What makes the Seahunter 28 so special?

With the ability to gather bait in shore and head offshore at impressive speed, all in the same boat, The Seahunter 28 is truly our go-anywhere, do-anything model.

What is a Seahunter boat used for?

These vessels are generally used for conventional boating boating pursuits like day cruising, saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. The boats available here currently from this builder come with outboard and outboard-4S propulsion systems, available in gas and other fuel systems. Why are SeaHunter boats popular?