Are Rogue amplifiers good?

Are Rogue amplifiers good?

While pleasingly subtle, and capable of good insight, the Rogue only sounds nice when the music demands. It doesn’t overtly sanitise the music – and for us that’s a good thing. The Rogue’s tonality is nicely judged. It’s full-bodied, refined at the top end and decently weighty in the bass.

Is Rogue Audio a good brand?

Despite their hard-line standards around performance, Rogue Audio has managed to offer their product line at a very reasonable price point, and with an extremely long shelf life.

Who makes rogue guitar amplifiers?

, I’ve been Travis picking acoustic guitars for 55+ years. Rogue guitars are manufactured by Sunbo, in South Korea. It is the “house brand” for Musician’ (Musician’s Friend is located in Oregon, near the Rogue River, inspiring the name of these guitars.

Where are Cary Audio products made?

Raleigh, North Carolina
Wright states that Cary Audio is proud to be an American manufacturer of high-performance hand-crafted products that employs 21 dedicated employees in a 10,000-square feet factory in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Is Rogue a good guitar brand?

So the answer is if you look at the context of the Rogue guitar meaning very friendly price, playability, and decent sound then it’s a good guitar and in the higher tier of the “cheap acoustic guitars.”

What is the most expensive stereo receiver?

10 of the world’s most expensive stereo amplifiers

  • Pivetta Opera Only – $2.2m.
  • Pivetta Opera One – $650,000.
  • Ultrasound Otello – $600,000.
  • Rike Audio Edzard – $490,000.
  • Etheraudio Abbssolute Intuition – $406,000.
  • Ultrasound Parsec – $400,000.
  • Goldmund Telos 5000 – $375,000.
  • Wavac SH-833 – $350,000.

What is the Rogue Rogue Stereo 100 (ST-100)?

Rogue recently introduced the Stereo 100 (ST-100) power amplifier, the subject of this review. The ST-100 replaces the Stereo 90 in the lineup. The Stereo 100 is designed around four matched KT120 output tubes operating in push-pull configuration.

Will Rogue ST-100 tubes work with kt120 tubes?

I know from speaking to Mark O’Brien, owner of Rogue Audio, that he felt the introduction of the KT120 tubes was a significant event, and most prior Rogue amps can currently work with KT120 tubes. Rogue recently introduced the Stereo 100 (ST-100) power amplifier, the subject of this review. The ST-100 replaces the Stereo 90 in the lineup.

Are Rogue power amplifiers any good?

I have reviewed a variety of Rogue products including the Atlas Magnum and Hydra power amplifiers, and the Ninety-Ninety preamplifier, to name just a few. Rogue has enjoyed a loyal following for a number of years now for some very good reasons. They are part of a relatively small group of companies making tubed electronics in the United States.

What do you think about rogue audio?

Rogue is made by people that answer the dam phone and sleep in Pennsylvania. They seem to make nice Audio Gear and support their Customers. They’re able to hold on to Dealers for many years. Looks, to me, like a worthy Company. Thanks for taking the time on this one. ps. they even make an Audiophile Class D for Future thinking Solar Power People.