Are Cooper helmets good?

Are Cooper helmets good?

We refer to this as ‘The Perfect Fit’ – every head is a different shape and size, therefore to get a perfect fit you must have an adjustable helmet, the Cooper SK 100 has 9 different adjusting positions and that’s only the junior helmet, the adult helmet will have a further 9 different adjusting positions, this makes …

Who stocks Cooper Helmets?


  • Bourke Sports+44 28 9457
  • Leighlinbridge: TJ Byrne Hurleys 087-9857883.
  • Kilrush: Central Sports 065-9052794
  • Fermoy: Fitzgerald Hurleys 058-50519.
  • Dublin 13: Farrell Hurls 087-6738079.
  • Oranmore: McInerney Sports 087-9173372.
  • Tralee: Henneberys Sports 087-6889060.

What is the best hurling helmet?

The adult hurling helmets have a further 9 different positions, making the Cooper hurling helmet the most versatile and best fitting helmet on the market, an absolute necessity when choosing any protective item.At Bourkesports, we stock a range of Cooper Hemlets.

How do you size a hurling helmet?

The simplest method to correctly gauge the best fit for you is to:

  1. Stand straight with your arms hanging by your side.
  2. Keep changing the size of the hurley until the finger meets your wrist bone.
  3. The distance from the ground to their wrist is the correct length.

How do you measure your head for a hurling helmet?

You need to measure your heads circumference and will want to wrap the measuring tape starting in the middle of your forehead and just above your eye brows, then around your head above your ears and back around your head to the middle of your forehead where you started.

What was a Coopers job?

In Colonial times, a cooper was the person who made wooden casks, barrels and other staved containers from timber that was usually heated or steamed so it could be fashioned. It took seven years for an apprentice to learn the craft of coopering.

Can you spray paint a hurling helmet?

Yea, use acrylic paint, not oil paint, and you will be fine. regular spray paint will damage the outer shell of your helmet.

How should a hurling helmet fit?

How do you clean the inside of a hurling helmet?

Yes, you should wipe with a soft cloth and tap water only. The inner lining is removable and washable for better hygiene. This is particularly important if you perhaps lend someone your Helmet and wish to rinse it after use.

What size hurley do I need?

As a very rough guide a six year old should use an 18-20 inch hurley. An eight year old should use a 22-24 inch hurley, a ten year old should use a 24-26 inch hurley and a 12 year old should use a 26-28 inch hurley.

How do I choose a hurley?

How to measure the correct size:

  1. Player stands nice and relaxed with their hands down by their sides.
  2. The distance from the ground to their wrist is the correct length.
  3. Player should be able to hold the hurley at the top and the hurley should be just touching the ground.