Are Cherokee Scrub Colors the same?

Are Cherokee Scrub Colors the same?

Cherokee scrubs come in many prints and colors Whatever color you want, they sell it–from red to pink to purple to blue to green to brown to grey to black to white (and every shade in between).

Are Cherokee scrubs good?

Cherokee Workwear scrubs top our list for the best scrubs overall for their perfect blend of style and comfort. When it comes to hospital apparel, Cherokee is a well-known brand, providing quality scrubs to health professionals for more than 40 years. Their Workwear lineup includes offerings both for men and women.

Is Cherokee workwear a good brand?

Care, Maintenance, and Durability They may be stiff at first, but Cherokee scrubs are definitely durable. “These are definitely not your tailored, fitted sort of scrubs, but they’re affordable and durable. I’ve worn them for years as a nursing aide.” I’ve tried other scrubs, but I’ve always come back to these.

Do you have to match scrub top and bottom?

Mix and match with a black or white top or bottom if you only want to draw attention to one color, but still want to split your outfit. Black or white scrub tops and bottoms also make for a good backup fit when you can only find one half of your colored scrubs.

Are all scrubs the same color?

From my experience, no. The shades vary quite a bit in part because of the dye color and in part because of the different fabric. Even common colors like navy and brown can be different shades. I ordered navy colored scrub top and bottom from two different brands online and and they did turn out to be the same color.

Is it OK to wear scrubs in public?

“Health care workers should be advised to not wear scrubs anywhere in public during this time. It would be more considerate of the public concern to change out of scrubs before going into anywhere other than your workplace.

Do Cherokee scrubs run long?

I had ordered medium-tall for the scrub pants and was ecstatic to find that they were actually long enough.

Can I wear two different color scrubs?

When you are wearing, don’t try to mix and match different bright colors. If you wear a brighter shade of yellow make sure the other part of your scrubs is paler in color, such as a dark green.