Are century VSKA any good?

Are century VSKA any good?

Overall, the VSKA was a lot of fun. There’s just something badass about stepping onto the range with an AK47 and running it hard, just because you can. And the VSKA’s reliability made it that much sweeter. The VSKA is an affordable, solid performing AK that is truly the best of both worlds.

When did Century Arms fix the VSKA?

Century Arms recently announced their new heavy duty AK rifle, the VSKA (vis-kuh), which is now shipping. Re-engineered with critical components using machined S7 tool steel, the VSKA is the result of a special development program for a United States government project that was finalized in 2017.

What ammo does a VSKA use?

The VSKA is a semi-automatic-only carbine with a 16.25-inch chrome-moly 4150 steel barrel and a slant style muzzle device to help reduce muzzle rise. It is chambered in the traditional AK round, the 7.62x39mm Soviet intermediate power bottle necked cartridge.

Is the VSKA threaded?

The Century Arms VSKA is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 7.62x39mm. This VSKA model features a 16.25″ threaded barrel as well a quad rail front handguard, polymer grip and stock, and combloc side rail.

Are Zastava Arms good?

With the ZPAP M70, Zastava Arms USA has brought one of the most prolific and iconic of the Kalashnikov variants to the U.S. market. The result checks all of the boxes for the AK aficionado, with a well-made and authentic rifle that comes in well under a thousand dollars.

Does century arms have a lifetime warranty?

Century Arms, North America’s premier AK manufacturer, is proud to announce their new heavy duty AK rifle, the Century Arms VSKA, is now backed with a Lifetime Warranty. Announced in October 2018, the 2019 VSKA (vis-kuh) from Century Arms represents the latest in an American-built AK rifle.

How long is the VSKA?

Product Specification

UPC 787450660366
Caliber 7.62X39
Barrel Length 16.25″
Color Black
Grips Polymer

Is VSKA an AK47?

This VSKA rifle features a 16.5″ barrel with a 1:10 twist rate. Rifle accepts and is fully compliant with all AK-47 type mags and drums. All VSKA rifles feature an all-new bolt carrier, front trunnion, and feed ramp machined from S7 tool steel and specially heat-treated for maximum durability.