Are BiOrb tanks worth the money?

Are BiOrb tanks worth the money?

The biOrb is a beautiful tank and the lighting makes it look fantastic, especially at night. However, if your interest is in keeping several fish happy and clean, I would not recommend this tank. It’s a great decorative aquarium for one or two fish, but any more than that, you’ll be taxing the anemic filtration system.

How many fish can you keep in a BiOrb 30?

Based on this, in a Biorb 30 with 7 gallons of space, you could fit up to 9 tetra fish with ease. If you want to give them a bit more space, only put 7 tetras in the Biorb 30.

Are BiOrb tanks good for fish?

Biorb aquariums are great, however, they do have limitations like any fish tank. If you want an extravagant aquarium setup with dozens of fish, the biorb probably isn’t right for you. Don’t try to put too many fish in your biorb, fish need space, a rough rule of fish keeping is one inch of fish per gallon of water.

How big is a BiOrb 30?

– Height: 42cm. – Width: 40cm. – Weight (Full): 31kg. – Volume: 30 Litres.

Are BiOrbs good for bettas?

Other reviewers mention that the air flow is too strong for Bettas, which is true, but if you pinch the airflow just enough you still have enough airflow so the BiOrb can do it’s job, but doesn’t force your Betta to swim against the current. The BioOrb does an amazing job keeping the tank clean and fresh.

What fish are best for a BiOrb?

A quick list of some suitable fish for BiOrbs include: Tetras, Minnows, Barbs, Danios, Cory Catfish, and Kilifish. When selecting fish, make sure to choose them from clean aquariums with no dead or dying fish.

How many Danios are in a 30 Litre tank?

With a mature tank, good water quality and regular maintenance you could keep a community of 20 tiny nano fish in a 30 litre BiOrb, or 15 fish the size of a Zebra danio.

Are Biorbs noisy?

Why is my BiOrb pump noisy? Sound from the pump is normally brought on by vibration against the surface it is on. If the pump is still noisy as well as is within the warranty duration you can go back to your retailer for a service warranty exchange.

How many goldfish can you have in a 30 Litre tank?

Two full grown fancy goldfish can live in a 30-gallon fish tank, whereas just one common goldfish will fit in this size aquarium.

How much does it cost to fill a biOrb?

For best results only fill the bowl to about 2 inches above the central bubble tube.