Are Baltimore buses free?

Are Baltimore buses free?

The backbone of any great city is transportation. The Charm City Circulator (CCC), a fleet of 24 free shuttles that travel four routes in the central business district of Baltimore City, Maryland.

What cities in Michigan have public transportation?

For information on buses outside these cities, click a county on the map below.

  • Bay County Metro.
  • Detroit Dept. of Transportation (DDOT)
  • Detroit – Monroe County.
  • Detroit metro area SMART.
  • Grand Haven.
  • Holland.
  • Livingston County.
  • Port Huron.

What is CityLink Baltimore?

CityLink: These color-coded, high-frequency routes offer frequent, 24-hour service, form a downtown grid, and radiate out from the city on major streets. LocalLink: These operate on neighborhood streets between the CityLinks and form crosstown “rings”.

Are there buses in Michigan?

Major bus lines run throughout the state, making it easy and possible to travel all the way from Detroit to Sault Ste. Marie. Greyhound provides the most comprehensive set of bus stations throughout the state with 47 bus stops in Michigan.

How do you pay for the bus in Baltimore?


  1. Tel: 1.866.743.3682.
  2. Services: Bus, Subway, Light Rail, Commuter Bus, MARC Train, Paratransit.
  3. Forms of Payment: Cash, Debit/Credit Cards, Charm Card, Checks.
  4. Ways to Pay: Online Store.
  5. Monthly Pass: Local Bus, Metro Subway, Light Rail, Neighborhood Shuttle – $64.
  6. Split Payment Option: Yes – Transit Store.

Does Novi MI have public transportation?

Service Hours. Transportation is available 8am-7pm Monday-Friday (last pick-up is at 6:30pm in Novi or 6:00pm out of Novi) and 9am-3pm Saturday (last pick-up is at 2:30pm).

How do I pay for CityLink bus Baltimore?

CharmPass is the official mobile ticketing app for MDOT MTA. For the first time ever, you can pay for BaltimoreLink local buses (CityLink, LocalLink, and Express BusLink), Light RailLink, Metro SubwayLink, MARC Train, and Commuter Bus services directly from your smartphone.

How many buses are in Michigan?

The state supports five intercity bus routes, which carried 30,375 passengers in FY 2021. There are 133 private bus regular route and charter carriers licensed in Michigan. Michigan Department of Transportation inspects the safety of 1,235 buses operated by private carriers.

Do Baltimore buses take cash?

You may load a maximum cash value of $200 to your card; and/or load a 1-Day, 7-Day or 30-Day Pass at Metro and Light Rail ticket vending machine (TVM). You may load up to $20 cash (remember four bills only) or purchase a 1-Day pass at the Bus farebox.

What buses go Michigan?

Michigan Buses

Bus Routes Destinations
Indian Trails 2107 51
Greyhound 416 113
Miller Transportation 396 65
Jefferson Lines 338 96