5+ Things To Consider Before Sending Your Car For Paint

5+ Things To Consider Before Sending Your Car For Paint

Whether you want to give your car a fresh look or it’s the age of car’s paint that’s bothering you, re-paint it and drive in a good-looking car once again. While the concept is quite exciting, there are many other things to consider.

So, before taking your car to a car repair shop, dive into some facts and understand the things which are mentioned below.

Painting Takes Time:

Getting your car painted is not an overnight task, so before submitting your car for painting, keep in mind that it might take a week or longer.  But why does it take so much time? A fresh coat of paint cannot be applied directly to the old car; there’s so much to be done before to get a smooth finish.

There’s fading, oxidation, and irregular car surface that need doesn’t allow smooth finish. Therefore, these layers are first removed, and the other prep work is done to give a new coat. This excessive work may also add up to the overall cost of the car.

The Type Of Paint You Should Give:

In terms of paint color, quality, and level of preparation, there are many options to be considered. However, it all depends on your personal preference and your car.

If you want your new paint to match the previous one, know your paint code and let your painted auto part professional know this. While you can also pick your color, asking the professional will give your car the paint that matches the old color. Also, professionals know the quality of the paint your car needs.

Car Painting Costs May Vary For All Professionals:

Depending upon the quality of the paint, the prices may vary. Also, the price of the overall work depends on the number of parts and panels that need paint. So, when having the estimate of the work, ask the professional to add up the surface measure cost and other added costs.

The estimate might include the cost of the fenders, the repairs/ paint to be done to parts as well as the inside edge of the door.

Panting May Require Car Interior Removal:

Another thing to getting your car painted is removing the car’s interiors. Things like seats, plastic consoles, and dashboard will be removed before painting. Depending upon the professional, these things may/may not be included in your overall cost.

The professional will take care of every small detail while painting. For instance, they will remove all the seats and other small components to reach those difficult corners. They will work by removing items from the glove box, seat storage, and other trinkets.

New Paint Will Not Fix Everything:

Don’t overestimate the power of re-paint as it is not going to fix every single dent and scratch. So, be prepared to see dents and dings. Also, the layers of a standard paint might be visible and will reflect the curves of the car.

Also, there are many vintage or old cars that are hard to fix. There will be surfaces that will reflect the surface anomalies and will stand out even after the fresh paint. There will be pitting, rusty sections that are hard-to-reach, dents, scratches, and more. With that being said, there are some paintless damage repair (PDR) techniques that can be used to improve the appearance of any general wear and tear such as hail damage for instance. Correspondingly, if you would like to learn about PDR with Hail Specialists check out their website where you can find lots of useful tips.

Be Realistic About The Budget:

Painting can be expensive, especially if you want to paint the entire vehicle. If you have hired the non-professional services or have bought low-quality paint, you can save bucks.

However, doing this can take a toil on your car, and you end up having uneven paint. So, if you want a paint that lasts many years, offers a smooth finish and will not get affected by rain, snow, and harsh sun, invest in good quality paint.

Re-painting your old car can give your car a new and smooth finish. Just choose experienced professionals and revamp your old car.