Does Whitney Thompson still model?

Does Whitney Thompson still model?

She’s also a spokesmodel for Smile Stylists, modeled for Metrostyle, JC Penney, People Magazine, Diana Warner Jewelry, Forever 21, Saks Fifth Avenue, the face for Torrid, Converse One Star, Fashion Bug, and a campaign with Pure Energy/Target, Fall 2010, and the face for Panache lingerie, Winter 2014.

What size is Whitney from ANTM?

That’s what some are wondering after Whitney Thompson became the first plus-size model to win “America’s Next Top Model” last week. Thompson, 20, is a size 10. She’s not at all fat by conventional standards; she’s slimmer than the 34 percent of Americans older than 20 who are obese.

Where is Whitney from ANTM?

Whitney Thompson owns a restaurant in Florida Thompson-Forrester, 33, married long-time partner Ian Forrester, and in December of 2019, gave birth to their first son, Winston Atticus Forrester (via Smokey Barn).

What is Whitney Thompson doing now?

The model now goes by Whitney Thompson Forrester after tying the knot and having a child. According to her Instagram profile, Thompson Forrester, 33, is still modeling, in addition to being a lifestyle blogger and mother.

Has a plus-size model won ANTM?

The only plus-size contestant to ever win ANTM was Whitney Thompson in Cycle 10. for the 67% of women who are plus size.

Who is the richest ANTM?

Lisa D’Amato became the wealthiest ANTM contestant The Cycle 17 winner and the richest “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, Lisa D’Amato is worth a whopping $46 million, according to Married Biography.

What happened to Whitney from ANTM Cycle 10?

Whitney Thompson (Cycle 10) The first plus-size winner of the series, Whitney went on to model for places like Forever 21 and Saks Fifth Avenue, and was the face of Panache Lingerie’s plus-size campaign. However, these days Whitney is focusing on her family and runs a restaurant with her husband in Springfield, TN.

Did Amanda from America’s Next Top Model go blind?

Swafford’s family relocated to Plano, Texas during her childhood years. Swafford is legally blind; she is afflicted with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye condition. Swafford has stated that the condition will leave her completely blind by age 30.