Who was the woman who lived in a tree?

Who was the woman who lived in a tree?

Julia Butterfly Hill

Julia Butterfly Hill
Born Julia Lorraine Hill February 18, 1974 Mount Vernon, Missouri, US
Occupation Environmental activist motivational speaker
Employer Circle of Life Foundation
Known for Living in a California redwood tree for 738 days

How did Julia Hill live in a tree?

Julia Butterfly Hill lived for 738 days, from December 1997 to December 1999, in the canopy of a giant 1500 year old redwood tree named Luna. She ended her revolutionary action when an agreement was made with Pacific Lumber Company to spare the tree and a 200 foot buffer zone surrounding the tree.

Is Luna the tree still alive?

Luna is an ancient redwood. She has been living in Humboldt County of northern California for more than 1000 years, towers 200 feet above the earth and has a circumference of 40 feet. Julia stayed aloft until Pacific Lumber Company agreed to protect Luna with a conservation easement.

Why did Julia Butterfly Hill live in a tree?

Julia Butterfly Hill, byname of Julia Lorraine Hill, (born February 18, 1974, Mount Vernon, Missouri, U.S.), American activist known for having lived in a tree for 738 days in an act of civil disobedience to prevent clear-cutting of ecologically significant forests.

Where is Julia Butterfly today?

For the past year, Hill, 43, has been living quietly in the Sierra Nevada foothills, where she’s trying to regroup and reorder her life for the second time since the year before she climbed into “Luna,” the roughly 1,500-year-old Humboldt County redwood that is now part of a small forest preserve set aside under a deal …

Why is Julia Butterfly Hill important?

How old is Julia Hill?

48 years (February 18, 1974)Julia Butterfly Hill / Age

Is Luna the redwood tree still standing?

In early 2002, naturalist Paul Donahue noted that Luna had survived the cut. Luna is currently under the stewardship of Sanctuary Forest, a Nonprofit Organization.

Where is Julia Butterfly Hill now?

Where is Julia Hill now?

Where was Julia Hill born?

Mount Vernon, MOJulia Butterfly Hill / Place of birth

Who cut the Luna tree?

In November 2000, an unknown vandal used a chainsaw to cut halfway through the tree. In 2001, Eureka civil engineer Steve Salzman headed Luna’s “medical team” which designed and built a bracing system to help the tree withstand the extreme windstorms with peak winds between 60 and 100 miles per hour.