Where are Viking Sport Cruisers made?

Where are Viking Sport Cruisers made?

New Gretna, NJ – July 1, 2010: In 1995, the exclusive relationship between Viking and Princess Yachts International of Plymouth, England was forged with the goal of building a new class of luxury performance cruising yachts for the American market.

Are Cruisers yachts good?

Overall Cruisers makes a nice boat. It’s got a great reputation and people tend to consider them as a cut above Sea Ray, which is also a nice boat. What I found particularly attractive to many buyers is that aft cabin with en suite head. If you have another couple or a kid they have that aft cabin with their own head.

How much is a new Viking Yacht?

But exactly how much does a new yacht actually cost? “The Viking 92 is going to cost $10 million and up when it’s all said and done,” says Rich Lucas, SI Yachts Viking Brand Manager. “Viking builds a 92 Convertible, a 92 Enclosed Bridge, and a 92 Skybridge which are all just options.

Who owns Viking Yachts?

Brothers Bill and Bob Healey founded the Viking Yacht Company in 1964 and it remains family owned and operated. Bill’s son, Patrick J. Healey, is the CEO and President of the Viking Yacht Company.

Does Viking own Princess Yachts?

As part of our continued commitment to the Princess brand and our partnership, in 2013 Viking Sport Cruisers made the strategic decision to be recognized as Princess Yachts America in the market, and today we continue to bring an unparalleled level of customer care and service to every Princess yacht sold, delivered.

Where are Cruisers yachts made?

Oconto, Wisconsin
Headquartered in Oconto, Wisconsin, KCS International Inc. owns Cruisers Yachts and has been around since 1953. Cruisers Yachts is known as one of the world’s premier provider of midsize luxury pleasure yachts and produces models from 33 to 60 feet in its Oconto facility.

How good are Viking Yachts?

Viking’s hull design is one of the most advanced and proven hull designs in the world. The hull design not only gives you fast and efficient performance but also precise handling and a very stable ride. Viking Yachts has been an industry leader in the art of resin infusion technology.