What RFC 4120?

What RFC 4120?

RFC 4120 – The Kerberos Network Authentication Service (V5)

What Kerberos 4?

Kerberos version 4 is an update of the Kerberos software that is a computer-network authentication system. Kerberos version 4 is a web-based authentication software which is used for authentication of users information while logging into the system by DES technique for encryption.

What is Kerberos SSO?

The Kerberos SSO extension simplifies the process of acquiring a Kerberos ticket-granting ticket (TGT) from your organization’s Active Directory or other identity provider domain, allowing users to seamlessly authenticate to resources like websites, apps, and file servers.

What are LM and NTLM hashes?

LM- and NT-hashes are ways Windows stores passwords. NT is confusingly also known as NTLM. Can be cracked to gain password, or used to pass-the-hash. NTLMv1/v2 are challenge response protocols used for authentication in Windows environments.

What is the difference between NTLMv1 and NTLMv2?

The difference lies in the challenge and in the way the challenge is encrypted: While NTLMv2 provides a variable-length challenge, the challenge used by NTLMv1 is always a sixteen byte random number. NTLMv1 uses a weak DES algorithm to encrypt the challenge with the user’s hash. NTLMv2 uses HMAC-MD5 instead.

What is Krbtgt used for?

KRBTGT is an account used for Microsoft’s implementation of Kerberos, the default Microsoft Windows authentication protocol.

What is RFC 4120 Kerberos?

RFC 4120 Kerberos V5 July 2005 2.1. Initial, Pre-authenticated, and Hardware-Authenticated Tickets The INITIAL flag indicates that a ticket was issued using the AS protocol, rather than issued based on a TGT.

What is the KRB-safe field in RFC 4120?

RFC 4120 Kerberos V5 July 2005 safe-body This field is a placeholder for the body of the KRB-SAFE message. cksum This field contains the checksum of the application data, computed with a key usage value of 15. The checksum is computed over the encoding of the KRB-SAFE sequence.

What is E-data in RFC 4120?

RFC 4120 Kerberos V5 July 2005 e-data This field contains additional data about the error for use by the application to help it recover from or handle the error.

Is RFC 1510 required to support TCP/IP transports?

Implementations of RFC 1510 were not required to support TCP/IP transports. When the KRB_KDC_REQ message is sent to the KDC over a TCP stream, the response (KRB_KDC_REP or KRB_ERROR message) MUST be returned to the client on the same TCP stream that was established for the request.