What is the temperature of Kepler?

What is the temperature of Kepler?

The host star, Kepler-22, is a G-type star that is 3% less massive than the Sun and 2% smaller in volume. It has a surface temperature of 5,518 K (5,245 °C) compared with the Sun, which has a surface temperature of 5,778 K (5,505 °C).

How hot is Kepler 10c?

Land might be a lot cheaper. But there’s a hitch to anyone thinking of opening a gym or flipping real estate: Kepler 10c is very close to its star, making a complete orbit in only 45 days. This means it is a hot, giant heavyweight world: almost 1400 degrees Farenheit!

Is Kepler-70b hotter than the sun?

Kepler-70b is likely a rocky exoplanet with a mass of 0.44 M Earth and a radius of 0.76 R Earth. It has a surface temperature of over seven thousand Kelvin, the hottest known surface temperature of any exoplanet. While the precise temperature is not known, it is expected to be hotter than the surface of the Sun.

What is the temperature of Kepler 1649c?


Mean radius 1.06 +0.15 −0.10 R Earth
Mass 1.2 M Earth
Mean density 5.54 g/cm3
Temperature Teq: 234 K (−39 °C; −38 °F)

How hot is Kepler-62?

4,925 KKepler-62 / Surface temperature
Kepler-62 is a K-type main sequence star that is approximately 69% the mass of and 64% the radius of the Sun. It has a temperature of 4925 K and is 7 billion years old. In comparison, the Sun is about 4.6 billion years old and has a temperature of 5778 K.

Is Kepler 432 B terrestrial or jovian?

Kepler-432 b is a gas giant exoplanet that orbits a K-type star. Its mass is 5.41 Jupiters, it takes 52.5 days to complete one orbit of its star, and is 0.301 AU from its star.

Can humans live Kepler-10c?

Researchers previously thought this kind of world could not exist since any planet that large would attract hydrogen gas, becoming a gas giant like Jupiter rather than a solid planet. Kepler-10c isn’t the only potentially habitable (or inhabited) planet out there.

Can we live on Kepler-10c?

Kepler-10c orbits a sun-like star every 45 days, making it too hot to sustain life as we know it. It is located about 560 light-years from Earth in the constellation Draco. The system also hosts Kepler-10b, the first rocky planet discovered in the Kepler data.

What is the hottest exoplanet in the universe?

Planetary characteristics

Title Planet Data
Hottest KELT-9b 4050±180 K
Coldest OGLE-2016-BLG-1195Lb 31 K
Highest albedo Kepler-1658b 0.758(geometric albedo)
Lowest albedo TrES-2b Geometric albedo < 1%