What is the song with the highest notes?

What is the song with the highest notes?

To remember Pavarotti on what would have been his 81st birthday, here are some of the greatest and highest notes ever hit in music history.

  • Luciano Pavarotti — Vesti La Giubba.
  • Morten Harket — “Take on Me”
  • Robert Plant — “Immigrant Song”
  • Freddie Mercury — “Somebody to Love”
  • Whitney Houston — “I Will Always Love You”

What songs have a high note?

Fun – We Are Young.

  • Nathaniel’s You is also pretty darn fun to sing…
  • Scissor Sisters – Don’t Feel Like Dancing.
  • Empire of the Sun – We Are The People.
  • The Weeknd – I Feel It Coming.
  • Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights.
  • KC and the Sunshine Band – Please Don’t Go.
  • Bee Gees – Fanny (Be Tender With Love)
  • Who is the king of high notes in music?

    Once again Zayn’s proven that he is just the absolute KING of hitting them high notes.

    What type of voice does Regine Velasquez have?

    Velasquez is a soprano and is often praised for her range and technical ability.

    What was Pavarotti highest note?

    Pavarotti is hailed as the world’s greatest tenor, and his impressive vocal range proves just that. In his prime, the larger-than-life tenor could hit an F5 – that’s an octave and a half above middle C.

    How high can David Phelps?

    three octaves
    A graduate from Baylor University, David Phelps is credited among today’s most spectacular voices. His seemingly endless vocal range, which extends more than three octaves, coupled with his gift for communicating a song, has brought the house down in the world’s most prestigious venues.

    Who has hit the highest note singing?

    The highest note on record is a G10 sung by Georgia Brown, a Brazilian dance/electric singer.

    What is the high note in Nessun Dorma?

    It’s a B4, written as a B5 due to being a tenor clef.