What is the Pilot Flying J scandal?

What is the Pilot Flying J scandal?

In April 2013, agents from the FBI and IRS raided the Knoxville headquarters of the largest truck stop chain in the United States: Pilot Flying J. It was part of a massive investigation into a fuel rebate scam. In all, 14 former Pilot employees pleaded guilty in what was known as “jacking the discount.”

What companies does Pilot Flying J own?

The retail division includes many brands: fuel networks Pilot Flying J and One9; service companies Parts and Service Solutions and Pilot Flying J Truck Care; travel centers Pilot, Flying J, Mr. Fuel, Stamart, Pride and a fuel marketing partnership with Speedway, in addition to food brand PJ Fresh and Pilot Coffee.

Is Pilot Flying J changing their name?

America’s largest truck-stop company is rebranding as it grows its market share in both retail fuel and energy divisions. Pilot Flying J is changing its corporate name and structure to be called Pilot Co.

What is the difference between a Flying J and a Pilot?

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Pilot Flying J is changing its name to Pilot Co., bringing all of its related brands under one corporate identity. The new name will serve as an umbrella that captures the total portfolio of the business as it continues to expand its retail and energy operations, the company said.

Who is the president of Pilot Flying J?

Ken Parent
It is reported that the new travel center development will provide up to 90 new local jobs and contribute $3.5 million annually in state and local tax revenues. “We’re thrilled to serve the Brawley community and contribute to the local economy with our new travel center,” said Ken Parent, president of Pilot Flying J.

Who is the CEO of Pilot Flying J?

Jimmy Haslam (Feb 2013–)Pilot Flying J / CEO

Who is the owner of Pilot Flying J?

Pilot Corporation
FJ Management
Pilot Flying J/Parent organizations