What is the adulthood quest in Sims FreePlay?

What is the adulthood quest in Sims FreePlay?

“Adulthood” is a quest you unlock at level 21 after The Pirate And His Goddess quest. Adulthood will allow you to age your teenage Sims to an adult. Complete this quest within the six day time limit to unlock the Expanded Wardrobe for your adult and teen Sims.

What is the highest level of Sims FreePlay?

The highest level you can reach is 55.

What happens if you miss a quest in Sims FreePlay?

These are events in the game that are time limited for a certain amount of days (example: 7 days). If you missed these events because of a low level or only earned half of the prizes, they will return in the future for you to complete. Once you finish the event, it won’t come back.

How do you do the seniors quest on Sims FreePlay?

Seniors is a quest after Ghost Hunters. It is unlocked at level 23 and it allows your adults to age into seniors. There is a time limit of six days and if you complete the quest before time runs out, you unlock the exercise bike, which seniors and adults can use.

How do you stop your Sim from aging Sims FreePlay?

Click on the pause button next to the Sim you wish to stop aging. 2. Scroll down to the Sim you wish to make immortal. Click the Platinum Orb next to their name, then, underneath “Age Pause” and the infinity sign, click the tick.

Do sims age automatically FreePlay?

Once you complete the Life Dreams and Legacies Quest your sims will begin to age automatically. Previously once the circle that appears around their face was full and red you needed to either age them to the next life stage or use LP to reverse them back to the beginning of the life stage they are currently at.

Can you redo quests in Sims FreePlay?

Re: How to restart quests What do you mean? If you did not finish the quest in the time limit it only means you don’t get the special prize. You can still complete the quest. The only way to start a quest over is to start the game over.