What is Comme des Garcons Parfums?

What is Comme des Garçons Parfums?

Comme des Garçons Parfums The official website of the unconventional label Comme des Garçons displaying the original perfumes and fragrances for men and women (unisex) made by talented creators. Store LocatorInstagramSubscribeopen ROUGE Terms and Conditions| @ 2021 Comme des Garçons Parfums

What are the notes of Comme des Garcons 2 man?

Notes: The top notes of Comme Des Garcons Comme Des Garcons 2 Man are mint, kumquat, caraway, nutmeg, and aldehydes. The middle notes are saffron, iris, and vetiver. The base notes are mahogany, incense, and leather.

What does Comme des Garcons blackpepper smell like?

Scent: Comme Des Garcons Blackpepper is a fantastic fragrance with a fresh and spicy scent. This fragrance opens with an overdose of pepper, providing you with a strong and spicy scent. Luckily, this quickly settles down to a much more mellow version. A little while after the opening, a nice hint of woods is added, as well as the note of patchouli.

What does Comme des Garcons blue Santal smell like?

Notes: The notes of Comme Des Garcons Blue Santal are sandalwood, pepper, juniper berries, and pine. Best for: Comme Des Garcons Blue Santal is a fantastic fragrance that you can easily wear all year long.

What is amazingreen by Comme des Garcons?

Amazingreen by Comme des Garcons is a Aromatic Green fragrance for women and men. Amazingreen was launched in 2012. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Christophe Herault. Top notes are Green Accord, Green Pepper, Water Notes and Palm Tree; middle notes are Ivy, Coriander and Orris Root; base notes are Vetiver, gunpowder, White Musk and Incense.

What is your opinion on CDG green fragrance?

absolutely not green at all this fragrance is a totally amount of awful aromachemicals and it stinks a lot ,one of the wrost fragrances ever created by cdg . I still love it, its green and pretty and reminds me of crushed leaves in the summer.

What is the fragrance of amazingreen?

The fragrance is amazing, but, unfortunately, it is green. The green smell of Amazingreen is a amazing smell of the sun days in a farm. I feel a eucalypti and greens tea on the heart, the base refer a wonderful journey for a trip in the moon, in the sky, or same then, a beach in Indonesia.