What is an example of felsic?

What is an example of felsic?

The most common felsic rock is granite. Common felsic minerals include quartz, muscovite, orthoclase, and the sodium-rich plagioclase feldspars (albite-rich).

What material is most felsic?

Common felsic minerals include quartz, muscovite mica, and the orthoclase feldspars. The most common felsic rock is granite, which represents the purified end product of the earth’s internal differentiation process.

Where is felsic found?

Plutonic and hypabyssal felsic rocks may occur as batholiths, plutons, stocks, laccoliths, dikes, sills and plugs. The largest are granitoid batholiths, which are composite intrusions composed of many individual plutons and associated with active continental margins (see Granite and Granitoids).

Is felsic rock light?

The most general classification is based on the relative abundance in a rock of felsic (feldspar and silica-quartz) minerals vs mafic (magnesium and ferrum or iron) minerals. Felsic minerals (quartz, K feldspar, etc) are light colored while mafic minerals (hornblende, pyroxenes) are normally dark colored.

What is the meaning of felsic?

felsic in American English (ˈfelsɪk) adjective. Geology (of rocks) consisting chiefly of feldspars, feldspathoids, quartz, and other light-colored minerals.

Is Gold felsic?

The Gold Deposits host sequences of epizonal felsic intrusions which are quartzfree are more commonly sedimentary than those of quartzbearing epizonal felsic intrusions. Quartz, carbonate minerals, arsenopyrite, scheelite, tourmalineand Cr-muscovite (‘juchsite’) are the most common mineralogical associates of gold.

Is felsic high in silica?

In a widely accepted silica-content classification scheme, rocks with more than 65 percent silica are called felsic; those with between 55 and 65 percent silica are intermediate; those with between 45 and 55 percent silica are mafic; and those with less than 45 percent are ultramafic.

What volcanoes are felsic?


Felsic volcanic units/localities Age (Ma) Greenstone belt
Kovero schist belt 2754 ± 6 Ilomantsi
Sample SM/GR/93/57 3710 ± 4 Isua
Musk massive sulphide deposit 2689.3 +2.4/-1.8 Yellowknife
Blake River Group 2694.1±4.5 Abitibi

What does felsic mean in geology?

adjective Geology. (of rocks) consisting chiefly of feldspars, feldspathoids, quartz, and other light-colored minerals.

Whats the definition of foliated?

Definition of foliated 1 : composed of or separable into layers a foliated rock. 2 : ornamented with foils or a leaf design.

Is Obsidian a felsic rock?

Though obsidian is usually dark in color, similar to mafic rocks such as basalt, the composition of obsidian is extremely felsic. Crystalline rocks with a similar composition include granite and rhyolite.

What minerals are felsic rocks?

The felsic minerals include quartz, tridymite, cristobalite, feldspars (plagioclase and alkali feldspar), feldspathoids (nepheline and leucite), muscovite, and corundum. Because felsic minerals lack iron and magnesium, they are generally light in colour and consequently are referred to as such or as leucocratic.