What happens at the end of horrible bosses?

What happens at the end of horrible bosses?

At the very end, Dale tricks Julia into acting out with a patient who turns out to be Kenny (P.J. Byrne) while Mr. Jones (Jamie Foxx) films it. He blackmails her into paying for an expensive honeymoon and decent working conditions and everyone lives happily ever after.

Who started the end credit scenes?

History. The first film to feature a post-credits scene is The Silencers, released in March 1966. The scene depicts lead character Matt Helm (played by Dean Martin) along with a cadre of beautiful women and the caption, “Matt Helm Will Return”.

Is there a horrible bosses 2 movie?

Horrible Bosses 2Horrible Bosses / Sequel

Who plays the pimp in Office Christmas Party?

Jillian Bell You’ve seen the comic on “Workaholics,” “Eastbound & Down” and “Idiotsitter,” where she played a petulant rich kid under house arrest. Here, she’s the diminutive pimp for a hooker (Abbey Lee), segueing seamlessly from gal pal to psychopath.

Who is Captain Marvel in’Avengers’post-credits scene?

The story of Marvel’s Avengers may be all about Ms. Marvel, real name Kamala Khan, but after the credits roll on the main story campaign, the game’s post-credits scene hints that her predecessor, Captain Marvel, isn’t far behind.

Is Horrible Bosses a good movie?

Overall, the film is fairly safe and standard in some ways, and doesn’t do anything we haven’t seen before but not every film needs to be an innovator. Overall, I enjoyed Horrible Bosses.

Who is Ms Marvel in the end of’Marvel’s Avengers’?

Kamala Khan, suited up as “Ms. Marvel” in the ending of ‘Marvel’s Avengers.’ Square Enix The end of Marvel’s Avengers involves a big battle.

Does Horrible Bosses have bloopers and outtakes?

Outtakes and bloopers at the beginning of the closing credits. The word “Fuck” has been muted on the Comedy Central airings. Horrible Bosses is a dark comedy involving 3 friends who conspire to murder their 3 dreadful bosses.