What causes daily headaches on teens?

What causes daily headaches on teens?

Tension headaches are the most common type experienced by teens. They are usually caused by stress, tension, or depression. They can also be caused by eye strain and neck or back strain from having poor posture.

Why does my daughter get headaches all the time?

The way a child exhibits a headache may be related to many factors, such as genetics, hormones, stress, diet, medications, and dehydration. Recurrent headaches of any type can cause school problems, behavioral problems, and/or depression.

When should I take my daughter to the doctor for a headache?

See a doctor if your child’s headache comes back, gets worse, or lasts more than 12 hours. They should also go to the doctor if the headache follows a head injury or if you just feel like your child doesn’t look well.

Why do teens get headaches?

– Headaches occurring after a head injury. – Frequent headaches (more than once a week). – Headaches that accompany fainting or seizures. – Headaches that lead to blurred vision and changes in the eyesight. – Headaches that are more common in the middle of the night. – If other symptoms such as toothache, stiff neck, jaw pain and vomiting accompany headaches. ( 2)

What causes headaches in teenagers?

infections (such as ear infections,viruses like the flu or a cold,strep throat,meningitis,or sinus infections)

  • stress
  • dehydration
  • computer or TV watching
  • loud music
  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • caffeine (people who drink a lot of caffeinated drinks might get caffeine-withdrawal headaches)
  • skipping meals
  • lack of sleep or sudden changes in sleep patterns
  • What to do for migraine in teens?

    Stress – especially related to school (after school activities,friends,bullying) and family problems.

  • Lack of sleep – results in less energy for coping with stress.
  • Menstruation – normal hormonal changes caused by the menstrual cycle can trigger migraine.
  • Changes in normal eating patterns – skipping meals can cause migraine.
  • When should I be concerned about a headache?

    “when the headache is the worst headache of your life, or when it is accompanied by fever, neck stiffness, weakness or numbness on one side of the body, difficulty speaking, loss of consciousness,…