Is Mark Suciu still on Adidas?

Is Mark Suciu still on Adidas?

Professional skater Mark Suciu has been a member of the adidas (XETRA:ADS.DE -0.66%) family since 2013, and this Fall, his footwear catalog with the brand is increasing by one.

Did Mark Suciu get soty?

The success of “Flora” Episode 3 is undoubtedly a huge part of what landed Suciu SOTY honors—much of the praise he rightfully got from it centers around the belief that he’s progressing skating and exploring what’s possible in a video part without simply trying to trying to do the hardest tricks over the most stairs, a …

Why choose adidas Men’s skate shoes?

That’s what gives you the grit to challenge your fear and question your limits so you can push harder every time. Whether you’re perfecting your frontside 180 or just getting comfortable rolling on four wheels, adidas men’s skate shoes are the perfect foundation to build your skills on.

What are the best signature shoes for skateboarding?

The newest signature shoes from adidas Skateboarding and Lucas Puig have a premium suede upper with lace-saving technology and a molded tongue. Signature shoes from pro skater Tyshawn Jones and adidas Skateboarding nod to basketball style, featuring colors inspired by Tyshawn’s love of hoops and his favorite team from New York City.

What are the best Adidas shoes for everyday wear?

We’ve got adidas skateboarding and casual wear shoes for men, women, and kids so you can find the perfect style for effortless everyday wear. Nothing says iconic classic shoe like the adidas Samba, enough said. Our Nizza shoes have been pounding pavement since the ’80s.

Why buy men’s skateboarding shoes for men?

You can count on a smooth ride that finally matches your high energy and dynamic moves. Shop for men’s skateboarding shoes for comfort and control while you’re mapping out your next trick.