Is Iceni Good Rome 2?

Is Iceni Good Rome 2?

The Iceni Chariots have good defense, fantastic weapon damage, excellent health and a great base morale, making them very reliable. However, that’s not to say the Chariots are invincible – they are very vulnerable if pinned down in combat, and also very vulnerable against Pike wielders from the front.

Why is Rome 2 so expensive?

Why is Rome 2 so expensive? Because it’s a huge game with lots of content, that’s recently been updated with even more content (Power & Politics update,) that’s still played by many thousands of players and which still sells well in every sale, adding even more players. That has a considerable amount of replayability.

What is the best mod for Rome 2?

Familiae Romanae: Roman Houses With the impending release of Total War: Rome Remastered, we thought it might be topical to highlight a mod that lets you capture some of that nostalgia in Rome 2. The Roman Houses mod splits up the Rome faction into four smaller factions, just like in the original Rome: Total War.

What makes Rome II so unique?

BY Marco Ibarra This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. ( Learn more ). Rome II is one of those Total War games where factions truly feel unique, and the gameplay of each one makes you wonder how the others play.

What is the best civilization in total war Rome 2?

Best Factions In Total War: Rome II (Ranked) 1 1. Rome. Naturally, Rome is the best civilization in the game. How could I rank anything else? 2 2. Baktria. 3 3. Egypt. 4 4. Athens. 5 5. Macedon.

Is there a guide for beginners in total war Rome 2?

I prepared this guide only for Total War Rome 2 beginners, no advanced strategies for veterans. The objective is to help beginners pick up the basic concepts quickly so they won’t be overwhelmed by the many features that may not seem to make sense at first sight.