Is Funmi Aragbaye still alive?

Is Funmi Aragbaye still alive?

Funmi Aragbaye (born July 5, 1954) is a Nigerian gospel singer, songwriter and televangelist….

Funmi Aragbaye
Occupation gospel singer songwriter evangelist
Years active 1983 – present

How old is Funmi Aragbaye?

67 years (July 5, 1954)Funmi Aragbaye / Age

Where is Funmi Aragbaye from?

Ondo, NigeriaFunmi Aragbaye / Place of birthOndo City is the second largest city in Ondo State, Nigeria. Ondo City is the trade center for the surrounding region. Yams, cassava, grain and tobacco are grown. Cotton is also grown, and is used to weave cloth called Aso Oke fabric. Ondo City is the largest producer of cocoa products in the region. Wikipedia

Which state is Mega 99 come from?

Lagos State, Nigeria
Abel Oluwafemi Dosunmu, known as Mega 99, is a Nigerian gospel juju musician and songwriter….

Mega 99
Born Oshodi, Lagos State, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian
Citizenship Nigerian
Occupation gospel singer songwriter performer

Who is Bola husband?

Pastor J.O Are
Personal life. Are got married in 1977 to the late Pastor J.O Are and are blessed with children. Her children are singers and musicians.

How old is Bola are?

67 years (October 1, 1954)Bola Are / Age

Who is Mama Bola are?

Bola Are (born October 1, 1954) is a Nigerian gospel singer and former President of the Gospel Musicians Association of Nigeria.

Is Yetunde are married?

Multi-talented Comedian EmmaOhMaGod and his wife Yetunde, who got married on November 19, 2016, are expecting their first child. The couple was spotted at an event where Yetunde was glowing with the cutest little baby bump! Congratulations to the couple.

Where is Moses Bliss from in Nigeria?

He is based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory and came into limelight after the song, Too Faithful. Moses has a unique style of music, and is regarded as one of the most exceptional and sensational gospel singers in the country.