Is Brian Goldner married?

Is Brian Goldner married?

Barbara GoldnerBrian Goldner / Spouse (m. 1987)

Who is Brian Goldner?

Brian Goldner, who transformed Hasbro, a traditional maker of toys and games, by rethinking its many brands as properties that could become films, television series and online games, died on Monday at his home in Barrington, R.I. He was 58. Hasbro announced the death but did not give a cause.

Who is the CEO of Hasbro?

Rich Stoddart (Oct 10, 2021–)Hasbro / CEO
Chris Cocks will be the new CEO of Hasbro starting Feb. 25. He currently serves as president and chief operating officer of the company’s Wizards of the Coast and digital gaming division. He will take over for interim CEO Rich Stoddart, who held the position after the passing of Brian Goldner in October 2021.

How much does Brian Goldner make?

As the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Hasbro, the total compensation of Brian Goldner at Hasbro is $17,960,900.

What toy properties does Hasbro currently own?

About Hasbro Our unparalleled portfolio of approximately 1,500 brands includes MAGIC: THE GATHERING, NERF, MY LITTLE PONY, TRANSFORMERS, PLAY-DOH, MONOPOLY, BABY ALIVE, DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, POWER RANGERS, PEPPA PIG and PJ MASKS, as well as premier partner brands.

What happened to Brian Goldner from the rookie?

Brian Goldner, chief executive of Hasbro and Transformers executive producer, has died of cancer several days after taking a medical leave from the Pawtucket, R.I.-based toy and entertainment giant.

What happened to the Hasbro CEO?

Hasbro announced late Tuesday that Brian Goldner, its longtime chief executive who has been credited with helping the toymaker expand into international markets and building ties with the entertainment industry, died at age 58, two days after he went on medical leave. Mr.

Who is the CMO of Hasbro?

Wunderman Thompson Global CMO Heads to Hasbro as First Chief Consumer Experience Officer.

Where is Hasbro corporate headquarters?

Pawtucket, RIHasbro / HeadquartersPawtucket is a city in Providence County, Rhode Island, United States. The population was 75,604 at the 2020 census, making the city the fourth-largest in the state. Wikipedia

Where does Brian Goldner live?

In August 2020, Goldner disclosed that he had prostate cancer and had been receiving treatment for this condition since 2014. He took an immediate leave of absence as CEO of Hasbro for medical reasons on October 10, 2021, and died a day later, at his home in Barrington, Rhode Island, at age 58.

What is Hasbro’s net worth?

RANK494. With a market value of some $13 billion and sales of nearly $5.5 billion, Hasbro is one of the world’s largest toymakers, ahead of both Lego and Mattel.

Who is Brian Goldner the Rookie?

Goldner was born on April 21, 1963. As a six-year-old, he had a G.I. Joe Gemini spaceship, and dreamt of being an astronaut. He attended Huntington High School in Huntington, New York, and then…

How did Brian Goldner die?

He was 58. Hasbro announced the death but did not give a cause. Mr. Goldner received a diagnosis of prostate cancer in 2014 and took a leave of absence from the company the day before he died.

Who was Brian Goldner?

Toymaker Hasbro announced Tuesday that its CEO,Brian Goldner,has died,just two days after he took medical leave.

  • Goldner,58,had been serving as chief executive officer since 2008.
  • He joined the business in 2000 and became chairman of Hasbro’s board in 2015.