How much HP can a stock 2020 STI handle?

How much HP can a stock 2020 STI handle?

They will hold up to 400 whp (again as shown in our PPIHC car), but if you want to push up to or beyond that power level, a set of aftermarket H-Beam rods would be recommended.

What is a Stage 3 STI?

The Stage 3 Power Package for STI Includes: COBB Accessport, SF Intake System, SF Airbox, SS 3″ Downpipe, Cat-Back Exhaust, SS Turbo Heatshield, AEM High Flow Fuel Pump, Top Feed 1050x Fuel Injectors, Fuel Rails, Fuel Rail Line Kit, Fuel Pressure Regulator for Fuel Rail Kit, Subaru Throttle Body Coupler, Silicone Turbo …

How much hp do you get from a stage 1 Dyno?

When the customer arrived we did find out that the car was filled with 94 octane so we may have gotten a bit more HP from the stage 1 dyno but we were mainly looking to see the differences between the different setups. With the stage 1 map loaded we did multiple pulls and ended up with around 317 Peak Torque and 255 Peak Horsepower.

How much HP does the STI make?

After the first pull we were pretty floored by the numbers, the car made 269 Peak HP and 272 Peak Torque. This is about 40 HP more then we saw previously on a stock 2010 STi that we dyno’d. The peak numbers were quite good but as you can see in the plot the power is not smooth and the boost was very wavy as well.

Is the 2015 STI faster out of the box?

Having driven a few 2015’s the car feels significantly faster out of the box then any previous generation STi that I have driven from 2004-2014. With that in mind we spent our own time to do this testing so that we could provide this information to all of you. We first put the car on the dyno 100% stock and did 3-4 pulls to check for consistency.

What is a stage 2+ setup?

This is essentially a Stage 2+ Setup with the addition of the EBCS for precise boost control. Once complete we rolled the car back and let Sasha at OnPoint do his thing for a few hours tuning the car. As always Sasha did a phenomial job tuning the car and the graph speaks for itself.