How much does Delta course cost?

How much does Delta course cost?

Obtaining a DELTA Certification is quite pricey and can set a teacher back quite a bit. Costs for the certification can be as high as $3,000 or more. This is just for the course. Examination costs will be extra and run almost $500 for all three modules.

How much is Cambridge Delta?

Delta Module One: Course fee: $595 USD. Cambridge Assessment fee (if taking the exam in Boston or New York): $395 USD. Late registration fee (between six and two weeks before the exam): $130 USD.

Is it worth doing a Delta course?

“The Delta is much more practical [than a Masters degree], as teachers develop their classroom teaching skills,” adds Bunyan. Plus, the certificate leads to roles of higher responsibility, which usually means a salary improvement.

How do I study for Delta Module 1?

DELTA Module 1 Tips

  1. Tip #1. Do your background reading and study the Handbook before the course starts.
  2. YouTube videos.
  3. Tip # 2. Now that you know WHAT to read, here is HOW to read.
  4. Tip# 3. Index cards!!!
  5. Tip# 4. Make use of past papers and examiner reports.
  6. Tip# 5. Take time off studying.

Does a Delta give you QTS?

It may well be a myth, but the Delta – or diploma in English language teaching to adults, to give it its full title – is still regarded as the highest practical ELT teaching qualification out there. Teachers have to complete nine tasks, which include three lesson plans. …

Is Delta Module 1 Difficult?

The Takeaway. Delta module 1 is a very different animal to CELTA. It is much harder, and a large number of people actually fail. Even to pass, you will probably need to spend some time preparing (no matter how good a teacher you are).

How long is the Delta module 1 exam?

Module 1 is assessed via a paper-based written exam. There are two papers of 90 minutes each with a 30-minute break in between. Each paper is worth a total of 100 marks.

Can you fail Delta?

For each of the modules, you will receive a statement of results first, which is generally issued two months after the exam date of the submission of the coursework/assignment. Possible grades are Distinction, Pass or Fail, and will be confirmed approximately 6 weeks after you receive the statement of results.

Is Delta equal to masters?

Ofqual, the exams regulator of the UK government, has confirmed that Cambridge ESOL’s Delta qualification for teachers is at the same level as a Master’s degree or a professional diploma in the European Union.

Can you do delta without CELTA?

Can I do the Delta without a CELTA qualification? It is not a requirement that you have the CELTA but you should at least have a similar initial teaching qualification.

What is the distance delta Module 1?

Cambridge Delta Module 1 focuses on Understanding Language, Methodology & Resources for Teaching. The Distance Delta Module 1 Course comprises: a 3 month Distance Course delivered via the Distance Delta website 8 Units to be completed to a set schedule

How long does it take to complete Delta Module 1?

The online Delta Module 1 requires 16 weeks of study, covering 16 online tasks and two mock exams. Cambridge The Delta teacher training centre in Cambridge is one of the most well-known teacher training centres worldwide, and boasts many well-known TEFL authors and thinkers among its tutoring staff.

What is Module 1 of the Delta Diploma in teaching English?

About Online Delta Module 1 Module 1 of the Cambridge Delta (Diploma in teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is based around a final exam, held two times a year in June and December.

Can I take more than one Delta module?

You can take as many of the modules as you want, and in any order. What will I learn in each DELTA module? This module focuses on extending and developing candidates’ knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning English in a range of contexts.