How much does a giant escape bike weigh?

How much does a giant escape bike weigh?

2020 Giant Escape 3

MSRP $420
Weight 27.3 lbs
Suspension Rigid
Frame Aluminum
Fork Steel

Is giant escape a road bike?

With its lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, confident handling and fast-rolling 700c wheels, Escape lets you ride any road or path in comfort and style. It’s a great choice for commuting, fitness riding, or just for fun.

How many gears does a giant escape bike have?

The 21-Speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain is perfectly suited for urban riding.

How much does Giant Escape 2 weigh?

2020 Giant Escape 2 Disc

MSRP $580
Weight 27.3 lbs
Suspension Rigid
Frame Aluminum
Fork Aluminum

How much does a giant escape 1 weigh?


Price GBP £699.00
Weight 11.1kg (XL)
Brand Giant

How much does a Giant Talon 2 weigh?

2020 Giant Talon 2

MSRP $750
Weight 30.5 lbs
Suspension Hardtail
Travel 100mm front
Frame Aluminum

Is giant escape a mountain bike?

It’s better for smooth city riding than rough roads, so the Giant Escape is no mountain bike. Nevertheless, its best advantage is how easily newcomers and casual riders can enjoy the bike. The entry level of this technology brings the weight down to a manageable load.

How heavy is the Giant Escape 3?

12.3 kgs
This Hybrid bicycle weighs just 12.3 kgs and comes in 4 (S,M,L,XL) frame sizes. The tough and lightweight ALUXX-Grade Aluminium frame on the Escape 3 is built to be lightweight with premium quality.

Is Giant Escape 2 a road bike?

It is, after all, an on-road bike meant for paved roads and light bike path use. The Giant bicycle uses an ALUXX-grade aluminum frame and fork with low-rider rack mounts. In addition, the model comes with Giant EasyRide tubeless tires, fast rolling 700c wheels complemented with powerful braking performance.

What are the specs of a giant escape 2?

Giant Escape 2 Full Specs. Brand: Giant. Colors: Gunmetal Black / Metallic Navy. Sizes: Small / Medium / Large / X-Large. Weight: 21 lbs / 9.5 kg. Frame: ALUXX-Grade Aluminum disc. Fork: Alloy with rack mount. Pedals: Giant Urban Fitness. Seatpost: Giant D-Fuse.

Is Escape 2 a good bike to buy?

And good service actually I very like escape 2. I bought this bike new summer of 2018. It is light and comfortable to ride. I keep having trouble with the gears (rubbing derailleur in multiple gears). After taking it back to the bike shop several times they eventually told me it is just the low quality of the parts used for the gears.

Why did you buy the Giants escape city?

I purchased the Giants Escape City. It’s pretty much identical to an Escape 2 with fenders and a rear rack for panniers. I bought this bike for a 24 mile a day round trip commute to work and back. Having not ridden a bike in over 15 years I had no idea or clue what I needed.